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Sharpen your mind and take your physical fitness to the next level with Taekwondo.

Grand Master Choi
  • Graduated from Yong-In University

    – Major in Tae Kwon Do and

    Special Physical Education

    ● Master’s Degree :

    Martial Arts Science

    ● Completed Kukkiwon

    Masters Education Course

    ● W.T.F. Master’s Certificate of  Qualification

    ● Certified Handicapped people physical Fitness

    ● Taught Special Military Coast Guard

    ● Certified Physical Fitness Training

    ● Tae Kwon Do 6th Degree Black Belt

    ● Yongmudo 3th Degree Black Belt

    ● Taught NYPD and FDNY

    ● USA Taekwondo Member

    ● Certified safe sports

Head Master Rin
Tae Kwon Do 5th Dan Degree Black Belt.

 DaeJin Taekwondo academy demo team since 1998~2001

 Korea city of Inchon Demo Team since 2006~2008

 Korea city of Incheon Championship  “Poomsae” 1st place, Gold medal in 1998  

• Korea city of Incheon Championship  “Boardbreaking” 3rd place, Bronze medal in 1999

 Invited as a guest performer for TaeKwondDo Dance at Yong-In University, Incheon University and Kyunghee        University  in 1999

 Korea City of Incheon championship  “Taekwondo Dance”   1st place, Gold medal in 2007

The National Sparring championship in Korea  2nd place, Flyweight in  2007

 Invited as a guest performer for “Poomsae” and Nunachuka” at the city of Incheon festival in 2008

 Dance Crew member of “I LOVE DANCE”

Master Akash Bhowmick
  • 4th Degree Black Belt
  • Black Hawk Demo Team Leader
  • Junior Leaders’ Leader
  • 2018/2019 NYS 1st Place Governor’s Cup Demo Team
  • 2015 NYS Sparring: Gold & Bronze Medal
  • M.S. in Computer Engineering – NYU, 2020
  • Proficient in Spanish, Italian, Bengali and Hindi
Master Rayvin Disla
  • 4th Degree Black Belt
  • Specialites: Gymnastics and Tricking
  • 2018/2019 NYS 1st Place Governor’s Cup Demo Team
  • 2016 NYS Sparring Gold & Silver Medal Form and Board Breaking
  • Professional Actor, Photographer and Editor
  • Proficient in Spanish
Instructor Mohammed Alam
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • 2018/2019 NYS 1st Place Governor’s Cup Demo Team
  • 2017 NYS Sparring Gold Medal
  • Proficient in Bengali
  • BS in Physical Education and Nutrition – Queens College, 2023


How to reach us


Maru TaeKwonDo
611 Hicksville Road
Bethpage, NY, 11714


Monday to Thursday: 12PM – 9PM
Friday: 12PM – 8PM
Saturday: 9AM – 2PM

*Closed on public holidays